Our Story So Far…

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TOMCo. began life as a platform to share our creative ventures with the world. Our Founding Directors, Alex and Sam, built the concept whilst studying at university after recognising the prominence of poor quality media within the industry.

With the likes of Coldhouse Collective and No Routes Found, we found inspiration from noteworthy alumni that motivated us to accomplish more than just a degree. Having realised that there was always at least one successful graduate from each year, we were determined to make a team effort towards success over the following three years.

Life was a little different as we were far from the stereotypical norm... Yes, there were late nights - but these were spent practising new skills instead. Our dorm rooms became edit suites and offices that lit up at night; where the harmonised hum of computers and brains ticking away became what we hoped was the soundtrack to success. Our student outings consisted of adventures - often explored by a good pair of walking boots or the freedom of Alex’s four wheels.

Striving to accomplish as much as possible whilst at university, our small team sought after various opportunities to gain experience. The only thing stopping us was this ‘student cloud’ that seemed to lurk above our heads, anchored to our names. Somehow, despite our formality, this inaccurate label continued to convey a lack of competence, reliability, and responsibility. We just wanted to be taken seriously. So, the team worked tirelessly to create content merely to prove our abilities - but that’s why our content speaks for itself, simply because it always had to.

Before long, Cumbria was struck by Storm Desmond. Albeit cold, wet, and gloomy with nothing but a distinct sign of distress and devastation amongst the community, the TOMCo. Team grabbed their cameras and kayak to capture the impacts of such a disaster from a new perspective. Our footage was seen by thousands and was subsequently shown on television by BT Sport.

From then on, we embarked on a quest to create meaningful content for our local community and beyond…


Over the past three years, people have moved on and found new callings, but our Founding Directors, Alex and Sam, have stuck by to hold the fort and overcome the various obstacles that have come our way - although the most difficult still remains to be our young age and perceived inferiority.

Fast forward to today, and we’re still running the same cycle of betterment - continuously inspired by impressive media and influenced by talented industry peers, there’s nothing that motivates us more to grow and pursue this dream. A dream that drives our relentless passion.

We love doing what we do and we never intend to do anything but doing what we love! We get a kick out of making great stuff; not just content, but all of our very own DIY projects too, like our screen printing contraption and point-of-view helmet rig…

Point-of-view helmet rig
Point-of-view helmet rig

Our business is growing to bring more talented and like-minded people on board; cherry-picking the most motivated filmmakers, photographers, designers and writers to offer such an extensive range of services:

Filmmaking | Photography | Writing | Graphic Design | Web Design | Social Media

As a creative collective, we also want to give more students a peek into the real business world; providing new experiences within the media industry, as we know all too well how difficult it can be to break into the market. It’s simply a matter of passing it forward: reciprocating the opportunities and support that we gratefully received.

Together, we’re striving to make high-quality media more accessible: Pioneering a new path of creativity, our team now also serves as in-house media creators for a number of other companies; offering a professional and personable service to provide bespoke content to be proud of.

Yes, we may be young, but with that comes fresh knowledge and spirit. If there’s one thing we can promise, that’s passion and quality in every project.

Stay tuned for more updates from TOMCo.